The origins of Hammer Spanner Fish Match

Like all good games HammerSpannerFishMatch or HSFM for short was created via the power of alcohol. A boozy work night out required something special for its participants to make it through the next day. Somebody came up with the idea (used before) of using images to describe a famous person, the celeb in question was Lawrence Fishburne and the images below were used as the clues.


Law Wrench Fish Burn. Borderline genius, but hangovers made this harder than usual and the first answer back was the well known film star Hammerspanner Fishmatch. Cue much hilarity and ribbing and a name for the game was born.

Here’s an investment related example in case you haven’t got it yet, remember ‘say what you see’ as the great Roy Walker used to say.

reckitt (2)

Racket – Ben – Keisza (one for the young hipsters amongst you)

= Reckitt Benckiser


Good luck!!!