Friday in Numbers


£7,400 is the amount you won’t be entitled to as a UK owner of a VW car affected by the emissions scandal. MPs have called it unfair as across the pond in the US owners can claim $10,000 on top of the necessary repairs to their vehicles.

If you’re lucky enough to receive the compensation from VW, it can be put towards a month getting your haircut just like French President Francois Hollande. That’s right, in one month, he spends over £8,000 equating to just shy of £100k a year of taxpayers’ money getting that very un-famous comb over done. ‘Can I have the new Holland cut please barber?’…. Said nobody ever.

£13bn, no not Hollande’s tab Sassoon, it is in fact the amount that has been added to Ninetendo’s market value just this week. The phenomenal rise of Pokemon Go has lifted the Japanese company’s shares by 70%.

The Chinese economy expanded by more than market expectations in the three months to June, GDP rising 6.7% compared to expectations of 6.6%. Let us all take a moment to bask in positive news flow from China.

Do we need another messaging app? Probably not. And when we say probably, we mean we definitely don’t need another. Yet, despite the seemingly saturated market, the most popular messaging app in Japan and Thailand Line debuted well on both domestic and US markets. At the close of its first day’s trading the stock had surged 31% in Japan and 26.6% in New York.

$61.6bn – How much BP have stated the final bill for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill comes too. Are you paying by card or cash?

The Nikkei 225 has enjoyed 5 days of consecutive gains to end the week at 16,497.8. The FTSE 100 has finished the week approximately 1% higher in total from Monday, after a mixed and uncertain week’s trading. Finally, our thoughts are with all of those affected by the latest attacks that have occurred in Nice.

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