Singapore Fling


Car wouldn’t start this morning? Bad hair day? Leave your lunch at home? Attacked by a stray racoon on your walk to work? Don’t worry, because it could be worse. You could’ve had to start the day by apologising to 75,000 staff members for being caught having an affair. Which is exactly how Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osorio started his, after he was exposed using company expenses to woo a woman not his wife. Smart move Antonio. In his letter he discusses how it is more about learning from your mistakes… Word is he’s already purchased the stereotypical glasses with nose disguise for date number 2. Although he does remain committed to leading the bank further it’s somewhat ironic for the boss with clear commitment issues (here all week).

At the moment it’s quite hard to avoid ‘traingate’. Basically the beef is around Labour’s favourite Jeremy Corbyn and Virgin’s Richard Branson. Following claims Corbyn made about having to perch on the floor due to an overcrowded train Branson has released images quite clearly showing Corbyn walk past many empty seats. Let us all take a seat and watch this unfold…

Between oil falling lower and global investors’ seeing a higher chance of a rate hike from the US the FTSE 100 spent much of the day down, closing 0.48% lower. Homebuilders once again remained some of the strongest performers and as we write American stocks remain quiet, again as investors await Fed clues.


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