Athleisure’s pace helps JD Sports

The new £5 note entered circulation today, with a total of 440 million having been printed by the BoE. Not all ATMs have them just yet, but most branches are expected to have the notes within the week. Winston Churchill is the new star of the note, and of course the main publicised difference from the old model is that this is the first plastic note in the UK. So this means you can potentially do so much more with a pocket full of new £5 notes. Such as; engage in water fights without having to nip back to your locker first. Ever missed the perfect super soaker opportunity because you had to return to the office and ditch your pocket valuables? Not any more, grab an iPhone 7 for ultimate spontaneity ability. You can also chuck just your trousers in the wash without wasting half an hour getting last night’s notes out that you crammed in your pocket while trying to juggle a takeaway and order an Uber. The new notes will also last longer overall, yet go near temperatures upwards of 120c and they could melt. I mean, so will you so best to avoid that altogether.

At the London open this morning shares were sent lower, despite dovish Fed comments overnight leading investors to think a rate hike won’t come next week. The rest of Europe managed better, as the FTSE was held back from a declining oil price and lower than expected inflation data. CPI for August was unchanged from July at +0.6%, with food and air fare price rises being offset from cheaper hotel rooms. American stocks opened lower as both financials and miners dragged the indices lower due to the aforementioned worries concerning oil and rates. The FTSE closed the day down 0.53%, with the pound lower by over 1% to both the euro and dollar at the time of writing.

The continuing trend in sports fashion has helped retailer JD post record half year profits, to the tune of £77.4m, a 73% rise. The only dampener on results was that its outdoor division including the Blacks and Millets chains, continued to lose money, yet did narrow losses to £2.3m. Again in the grand scheme of things, investors will likely not lose sleep over that and shares finished the day 5.03% higher to tope the FTSE 250.

Despite their loss to local rivals Manchester City at the weekend and the fact they haven’t finished above the blues since the 2012/13 season, they have become the first British club to earn £500m in one financial year. So, take that City. Almost seems hard to believe for the club who buy back former players for a £100m premium (not the same reporting period). Yet of course their global following, new TV deal and 14 new sponsorship deals may have helped along the way. To conclude, for the football fan lacking with on the pitch stats, for the next post Match of the Day defence of your own club, it might be worth delving into your club’s finances, and hit them with that, you’ll leave the local untouchable after a balance sheet dis. Well, results may vary.

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