A week is a long time in politics….. As yet, the significance of the surprise Trump win is unknown. The US , and world, is pretty certain this won’t be the most orthodox tenancy in the Whitehouse. Global market sentiment is changing more frequently than a Kanye West album title, as investors run endless theoretical scenarios in their head, ultimately ending up with the same conclusion; we have no idea. Whatever way markets choose to go or are led, this week has suggested the days of conventional politics may well be over, adding headaches to future global political conundrums, on top of the numerous other hurdles markets battle daily. Very short term ripples will without doubt unsettle the Fed in regards to a December rate rise, the Bank of Japan in regards to their QE and of course the Mexican peso. He’s only warming up.

Today is of course Armistice Day across the world but also in China ‘singles day’, derived from the date obviously. To cut a long story short; enter Alibaba in around 2009 and it turns into a shopping phenomenon. Today, a little over 20 hours into the event Alibaba broke their one day sales record, with a mere £12bn worth. That’s just one firm. In 2015 Alibaba’s sales on the one day surpassed the cumulative US total from Black Friday and Thanksgiving.  This year’s total is yet to be confirmed but… it is record breaking.jack-ma

The FTSE 100 today closed down 1.43%, paring back post Trump gains made on Wednesday and Thursday. BT Group and M&S were the biggest winners on the day, with miners and financials struggling. Oil has now dipped below $45 p/bbl but it was finally a half decent day for the pound, hitting 5 week highs against the dollar. £/$ @ 1.26 & £/euro @ 1.16.

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