Aston Martin Anticipate £5.0 billion IPO

Thursday, 20th September: I’ll start with something I can’t resist bringing up, solely to justify browsing images of supercars for this piece (left). Aston Martin released their IPO prospectus today, revealing that a 25% stake in the business will be floating, which equates to roughly 56,775,792 shares with a price range of £17.50-£22.50 per share, which will be updated if necessary and announced by the 3rd October before its admission date which is roughly the 8th October. One of the outcomes of this £5.07 billion flotation is funding of a new manufacturing plant the luxury car manufacturer wants to introduce in Wales.

I won’t suffocate you with too much Brexit talk, but you should know that Theresa May made it absolutely clear in Salzburg, Austria today that a second referendum is not up for discussion as it will not be taking place. Donald Tusk said he felt more optimistic than previously about everybody coming to a deal regarding Brexit, but in the same breath rejected the Chequers framework claiming it will simply not work, and Emmanuel Macron called leading Brexit campaigners liars… basically, it’s all still far from solved.

The lack of trade war news from the US and China today was one of the reasons the blue-chip index managed to end a second day this week in positive territory, as it consequently encouraged investors to resume to regular trading. The FTSE 100 closed 0.49% higher at 7367.

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