Vote Victory For May

Thursday, 17th January: She may have struggled to get her Brexit plans past the government on Tuesday evening, but on Wednesday evening Theresa May managed to hold onto power by winning a no-confidence vote by 325 to 306, but only has until the 21st January to publish her new Brexit plan which will be debated and voted upon on the 29th January, an uncomfortably tight time-frame.

Jeremy Corbyn expressed his demands via an open letter to May, in which he reiterated that the Labour party will only enter discussions with her if she terminates the option of a no-deal Brexit. Later in the day a letter which was distributed to the Labour party was made public, in which Corbyn requested his fellow party members avoid engaging with the government to make a point about their demand of removing the threat of a no-deal Brexit.

What will it take to get a second referendum? Well we aren’t quite sure, but what we do know is that Downing Street made it clear today that if a second referendum were to take place, it would take a year to organise, which could be enough to put some people off the idea of having one.

Due to her Brexit revamp which is due to be published on Monday, May has had to pull out of the Davos summit taking place in Switzerland next week, but I’m sure they’ll understand she has more pressing matters to attend to.

Besides the handful of companies which released positive statements and updates regarding their performance in 2018, the majority of the blue-chip index was in red at the end of the day which caused it to close 0.40% lower at 6835 and reversed the progress which was made on Tuesday.

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