The Brexit Box: Freeze-Dried Food For 30 Days

Tuesday, 22nd January: Theresa May presented her second approach to Brexit yesterday following the mass rejection she received last week. Within plan B, she outlined three main amendments. The first being the way in which they “engage with parliament” in their “approach to negotiating future partnership with the European Union”. The second point was revolved around how to protect workers’ rights and the environment, and the third was regarding the Irish border. Many have criticised her approach to plan B though, as it seems to be almost identical to plan A. one of the only noteworthy changes was the waiving of the £65 fee for EU citizens wanting to stay in the UK.

Not everyone is stuck in a Brexit rut though. A businessman named James Blake has took it upon himself to sell a Brexit survival kit to concerned brits. Each kit contains 60 portions of freeze-dried meals, 48 portions of fried mince and chicken, firelighter liquid and an emergency water filter, to potentially last to 30 days. All of this could be yours for a single payment of £295.00! Also, just in case Brexit goes on for another two decades, the food within the box has a shelf-life of 25 years.

The value of the pound benefited from today’s Brexit shenanigans, and was up c.0.61% against the euro in the afternoon at €1.1409, and up more than 2.0% in comparison to the start of the year, based on the increasing likeability of a hard Brexit being ruled out.

As a consequence to the rising pound, the FTSE 100 remained in red for the entirety of the day and ended 0.99% lower at 6901.

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