Deal Or No Deal? Delay Or No Delay?


Tuesday, 12th March: I was hoping that Brexit would be over and done with before it was my turn to blog again, but here I am, trying to break down Brexit shenanigans this week, once again, so I’ll be snappy.

Today, we have the second “meaningful vote”, in Theresa Mays bid to win round those who voted against her deal in January.

Depending on the outcome of this, on Wednesday there may be a vote to determine whether the UK should go ahead with a no-deal Brexit.

And then, depending on the outcome of Wednesdays vote, on Thursday where will be yet another vote to decide whether to delay Brexit or not, which would last until no further than the end of June.

To summarise, nobody still has a clue what’s going on with Brexit.

The political turmoil today had an unsurprising impact on sterling, which consequently allowed the blue-chip index to gradually rise out of the red territory it had spent the majority of the morning in.

Sterling against the dollar and euro was down c.1.2% at $1.31 and c.1.4% at €1.16 respectively in the afternoon on Tuesday.

The FTSE 100, with no major gainers or losers, ended the day 0.29% higher at 7151.15.

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