James Flintoft, CFA

James Flintoft, CFA

James was our first graduate recruited from Northumbria University’s Finance & Investment degree and has since gone on to become a Senior Investment Associate. James is as vital a member of the team and management as any, the rapid development of his knowledge base and natural intuition to the investment world and the work we do make his presence invaluable. His roles include direct stock research, economic analysis and presentation, implementing investment ideas in to portfolios and managing our Managed Portfolio Service. James Flintoft is a CFA® charterholder.

James was drawn to career in Investment Management having studied Economics at school and became fascinated by the complex and interconnected world of finance and how economic activity impacts asset prices.

“I enjoy conducting detailed analysis and modelling of financial statements that can unearth potentially over-optimistic or pessimistic forecasts being discounted into market prices. The continuous nature and differentiation of financial markets is enthralling and having to deal with this keeps my interest.

“The perpetual learning cycle that comes with analysing and managing multiple asset classes is particularly rewarding. Being able to carry out this work within a versatile and vibrant organisation is something that I have become attached to and from what I gather somewhat of a rarity in the professional world.

“I have always enjoyed skiing, football, travelling, reading and playing golf and more recently climbing.”