AIM IHT Service

This service helps protect your estate from potential future Inheritance Tax

By investing in a diversified selection of AIM listed stocks that may qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR) you may reduce your Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability. We can also help achieve a variety of personalised goals. You may simply want to invest to reduce your IHT liability, but we can also include your growth or income ambitions.

Our AIM IHT is a discretionary investment service where you retain control of your assets and qualify for BPR relief in two years. You can also utilise your ISA allowance and if your circumstances change we can adapt your portfolio and service level to suit.

Bespoke Service

Tax Relief

Retain Control

No Initial Fees

No Commission

ISA Eligible

Our Process

As part of our wider investment process we already apply our rigorous and proprietary analysis to the AIM universe . Looking at AIM stocks is nothing new to us and forms a core of the decades of experience within our team.

As with all of our UK equity research; we seek companies with a structural or a good quality growth opportunity, with appropriate and attractive financials, paired with a valuation that is attractive based on our proprietary modelling.

Typically for the UK equity element of a client portfolio we look to incorporate 20-30 stocks, with our AIM IHT service we widen this to 25-35 stocks to allow for greater diversification and potential stability. In doing so we broaden our horizons to incorporate greater diversification at a stock level as well.

Our research process takes place away from the noise of the ‘city’ but we retain access to management teams and industry specific events.

As with most of our portfolios, due to our size we can be nimble within the market place. We can seek stocks that are smaller and less accessible to our larger peers.

If you would like to know more please get in touch or contact your financial adviser.

For more detail regarding our Equity Research process, click below.

Tax rules are subject to change and we do not provide financial advice. The benefits of a AIM IHT portfolio depend on your financial circumstances and may change. We do not guarantee that any of the stocks within your AIM IHT portfolio will qualify for BPR upon your death. Vertem does not provide financial planning or advice.