Equity Research

We pride ourselves on being UK equity specialists

We conduct our UK equity research in-house using proprietary modelling and independent thought processes. The chain between idea generation, research and implementation in client portfolios is minimised. We look at a wide universe to discover exciting new ideas.

Our Focus

​When researching and selecting UK equities we operate a focused process.

​A Concentrated Approach

20-30 stocks

Producing a healthy competition for capital whilst achieving diversification

​High Active Share

​We are not looking to replicate widely available benchmarks

Long Term Thinking

​We are seeking companies that we believe have the potential to grow over many years to come and may provide attractive returns to shareholders


​We have the ability to invest across the market cap spectrum

No minimum or maximum sector weights

​Active Management

​Optimising portfolio weightings without overtrading

​Proprietary Research

​Our analysts are based in the North East and do not simply follow the ‘city mentality’


​We use dynamic financial screens looking for attractive valuations and return profiles

​​​Be Inquisitive

​We keep our eyes open and are willing to look at ideas from multiple sources, such as everyday observations and interactions with clients


​​We are able to meet management teams regularly and attend industry specific events


If you would like to know more about our process and how it feeds in to our variety of service offerings please get in touch.

Address: Cobalt 8, 14 Silverfox Way, Cobalt Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE27 0QJ

Phone: 0191 341 0289

Email: info@vertem.co.uk