Ekra Mir

Ekra Mir

Ekra first joined Vertem in early 2016 as an intern, whilst completing her Masters in Global Financial Management. Having impressed us during that time she joined on a permanent basis after completing her education. Ekra’s principal responsibilities revolve around stock research, analysing individual companies and also monitoring the recommendation updates from the whole team.

“A career in investment is a never ending learning experience, which is what makes it so interesting and particularly appealing to a nerd like myself – its like you are still at University, always being educated – minus the debt. The knowledge that is passed around the office and the support available is what makes it such a fine environment to work in.

The office soon caught on of my passion for cars. I wouldn’t class myself as a petrol head, because I don’t necessarily know the ins and outs, but I do appreciate the sound of a good AMG and aesthetics of a beastly GTR. I’m a family girl so when I’m not stalking supercars, i’m usually spending time with my old man, harassing him, to buy me a supercar”