Fiona Ratcliffe

Fiona Ratcliffe

Fiona graduated from Northumbria University in 2010 also with a degree in Finance and Investment Management. Fiona started with Vertem in January 2014 as an Investment Associate after spending some time travelling round Southeast Asia, Australia and South Africa. She is covering many diverse sectors in her stock analysis and is also the local IFA and client point of contact.

“I have always found myself interested in the markets and what makes a company who they are; how they strive to success and alternatively, what makes them tumble. After graduating, I was unsure what career path to take but after meeting with John and discussing Vertem’s investment philosophy, I was excited to join the team and expand my learning further.

“I particularly enjoy seeing how one macroeconomic event, whether domestic or international, can affect markets and ultimately a multitude of companies across different sectors. The financial markets are fast paced, forever changing, and to see how one company can be affected from one day to another keeps you on your toes. I enjoy analysing company reports and digging out the bigger story of a company and how it can subsequently affect other stocks. Finding a stock that is undervalued and seeing the bigger picture is very rewarding.

“The office is a very open space where conversations are always flowing between the team, allowing us to constantly discuss stocks or news that is unfolding. There is never a time where I feel I can’t ask a question and enjoy listening to the knowledge and expertise of others.  I am looking forward to learning further aspects of investment management and the industry as a whole.

“Outside of work, I am keen to further my travelling experiences (albeit on a smaller timescale).  I have recently started to play badminton whilst the ongoing persistence to keep myself fit at the gym continues.”