Nathan Nicholson

Nathan Nicholson

Nathan is an Investment Associate and is the fourth member of the team to have graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in Finance & Investment Management. Currently he researches the gigantic Support Services stock sector amongst others, provides regular technical analysis on major equity markets and has become a valuable contributor to team thinking.

Having come to terms with the fact he would never become a professional footballer or astronaut, a general interest in the business environment and desire to work in an ever changing industry meant a role in Investment Management seemed fitting.

“Just like a child after their first red bull, the financial markets don’t stand still for long. This is certainly my favourite aspect of the industry we’re in. I enjoy having to draw upon such a vast range of subjects when interpreting markets, everyday you learn something new and I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up.

“I’m lucky in the fact that I work with such a good team. My appetite means our regular food challenges don’t go amiss and thankfully the rest of the team’s premier league predictions and fantasy teams mean I’m gifted pocket money each year.

“I enjoy travelling, watching/playing most sports and a good game of Countdown. I’m an avid golfer and although not the best, the sport is certainly one conducive to a Dominos diet. Other than that, during the winter when golf takes a back seat I enjoy catching up on my TV box sets.”